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Unique Exotic Car Rentals

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Ferrari F430 Spider

490HP V8 Convertible / MSRP $279,000

Spoil yourself with the craft & elegance of F1 reigning champ Ferrari's F430 Spider. The rapid acceleration & astute handling of this super car gives you the gifts of a proper race car driving experience with the suppleness & convenience of a daily driver.

Get in gear easily with F1 style paddle shifters or hit the AUTO button & drive away. The highly acclaimed sound of the F430's engine will resonate in your memory forever. Performance, style & comfort truly at it's best!




Lamborghini Gallardo Spider

520HP V10 / All Wheel Drive Convertible / ​MSRP $235,000

"The Italian Muscle Car" that will guarantee you the drive of your life! The Gallardo has been Lamborghini's best selling car ever thanks to its unique design featuring sharp lines, an aggressive stance & a roaring V10 engine that will send shivers down your spine.

Also equipped with an F1 style paddle shifter transmission & a fully AUTO mode, the Gallardo grips any road with immaculate assurance thanks to it's​ state of the art​ all-wheel drive system​.​ A "Raging Bull" that will follow your lead in to driver's heaven!



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  • Half Day 9AM-5PM: Call For Rates & Availability (75 miles) 
  • Exotic Drive & Dine 6PM-11PM: Call For Rates & Availability (50 miles)


  • $5000 deposit for half day & drive & dine
  • Full coverage insurance with minimum $350,000 injury & property damage liability
  • Minimum 25 years of age
  • $2.50 each additional mile.




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