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About Us

In a world full of fantasy & cyber indulgence, XTREME ADVENTURES reminds people what a RUSH life can be & that it's still possible to combine an organic environment with man-engineered machine to produce mind altering and adrenaline rich experiences. We offer only the finest exotic automobiles known to man & many experiences for you to drive one or ALL

We've thought up a variety of possible bucket list experiences you would want to have in a high performance exotic car and put them together for you to enjoy with your family, friends and colleagues. 

Our exotic car driving experiences are the perfect tool for networking and building new business relationships that will last. From our Exotic Autocross Challenge to our Exotic Car Tours, Private & Corporate Events or one of many Exotic Car Rental products… Our amazing team will get you up to SPEED on your Exotic Car driving adventure of choice

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Based out of San Diego, XTREME ADVENTURES is a family owned business and operated by Daniel, Michel, & Alex Lombrozo.  Both Michel & Alex learned at an early age how gratifying & special it was to be around classic & exotic cars as a result of their father Daniel, who has always been an absolute car enthusiast & has a background of building & racing stock cars since the 1970’s. 

“I can remember being around 8 years old and waking up on a Saturday morning to the roaring sound of a Ferrari engine being revved. This was my customary alarm clock on weekends.  I would spring out of bed & rush to the garage to ask my dad if we were taking the coastal or mountain route today? After an incredible drive, came the “not-so-fun” part, which was completely detailing the car for a few hours! That’s why what we offer is so rewarding.  We give people that might ordinarily never drive a very expensive exotic automobile the chance to do so, without all the inconveniences of having to care & maintain one,” explains Alex. 

It was this manifestation of their father’s passion that lead to the creation of XTREME ADVENTURES & the unification of a group of people with one objective in mind, putting as many people in the cockpit of only the world’s FINEST EXOTIC CARS & teaching them how to excel in driving them. XTREME ADVENTURES’ Exotic Car Experiences are affordable & they make the perfect gift for any occasion. 




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